Compare the 2018 Nissan Maxima in Winston Salem, NC

See How the New 2018 Nissan Maxima Stacks Up Against the BMW 3 Series and Acura TLX

If you want a sporty performance and a style to match, the top luxury brands will come calling, relentlessly. They promise premium engines and dynamic looks, but they'll be quick to change the subject when you look at the exorbitant price tags that come with a luxury badge. Still, you don't have to spend top dollar for the kinds of performance you'll enjoy with the new 2018 Nissan Maxima, a sports sedan that features an incredible sense of value. Visit our Winston Salem, NC Nissan dealership serving Greensboro and High Point today to test drive the new Maxima, and you'll quickly see why this is a great place to start for a thrilling sense of performance.

Two similar vehicles in terms of being four-door sports cars are the BMW 3 Series and the Acura TLX. Those come from luxury brands, so you know you'll be paying more, mostly just for the sake of driving an Acura or BMW. If you're in the market here in the Mt. Airy or Kernersville area for an exciting sedan that delivers much more than everyday sensibilities, all at a price that's far lower than what luxury vehicles command. Read through these comparisons between the new Nissan Maxima and the latest editions of the BMW 3 Series and Acura TLX, then visit us from Thomasville or Lexington today to get started.


2018 Nissan Maxima vs 2018 BMW 3 Series 

If you're thinking about a high-performance car, BMW is one of the top luxury brands, delivering models like the new 3 Series that blend intricate styling with dynamic performance. The other thing BMW is known for is its costly prices, and you'll certainly invest far more in any version of the 3 Series than you would in a new Maxima. Check out the many reasons the new Maxima is your best bet by reading through this comparison below, then find the perfect setup here in the Greensboro and High Point area.

  • Of course it starts with the premium pricing for the new BMW 3 Series, which, in its lowest level, is still considerably more expensive than the Maxima. If you want to match the Maxima's V-6 levels of performance, you'll pay even more on the perfect 3 Series edition.
  • When you do select a six-cylinder option with the 3 Series to match the Maxima's V-6 performance, you'll earn less in gas mileage. Though it's rated at 300 horsepower, the Maxima still earns a respectable level of efficiency, to the tune of 30 mpg on the highway, making it a better choice for daily commuting in a peppy sports car.
  • Though BMW's warranty offerings are typically longer than what Nissan provides, you'll find the powertrain warranty with the Maxima is actually for one more year and 10,000 more miles than a similar agreement with the 3 Series.
  • There are plenty of available features for both cars, but the Maxima comes with a handy tire alert and pressure monitoring system that's not offered with the 3 Series. 

2018 Nissan Maxima vs 2019 Acura TLX 

If the Maxima shows its value over the 3 Series based mostly on the considerable savings you'll enjoy with the Nissan option, you'll find it compares closer to the TLX in terms of cost. But there are still plenty of advantages for the still-more-affordable Maxima when stacked up to Acura's smallest sedan offering. Read on through and see more, then visit us near Greensboro and High Point today.

  • If you want to match the Maxima's V-6 capabilities in the TLX, you better be prepared to pay considerably more, while the Nissan sedan's standard offering is that premium level of performance.
  • Even when you select the V-6 version of the TLX, you'll have less power with only slightly better highway mpgs, while the Maxima bests the TLX in terms of city and combined gas mileage.
  • If you want a classy interior setup, the Maxima provides optional Alcantara interior inserts, finely crafted and giving you a sophisticated feel that's not available with the TLX.
  • Speaking of comfort, the Maxima's interior dimensions make for far more comfortable seating up front, with 39.4 inches of head room and 45 inches of leg room, compared to 37.2 inches of head room and 42.6 inches of leg room for the TLX.