Visit us in Winston Salem to Check Out Our Used Nissan Lineup

Shopping on a budget but still want something that's worth investing in based on whatever you can afford? There are a number of great options here at our Winston Salem, NC Nissan dealership, but if you're looking through our pre-owned selection, you'll do well sticking with our favorite brand. We have all kinds of sensible and affordable used Nissan models, and if you've graduated from college or high school lately, one might be the perfect fit for your future travels and for the limited budget you're probably working with.



You don't have to be a recent grad to see what makes our used Nissan models so special. With efficient cars like the Versa, Altima and Sentra usually found in our used Nissan lineup, commuters in the Winston Salem area of North Carolina will find remarkable picks at low prices. When you're starting your search, be sure to consider one of our featured used cars, which are usually like-new, low-priced pre-owned Nissan models with plenty left to give.

If you choose a used Nissan as you look for affordable transportation, you'll have the trustworthy service and maintenance offerings we provide right here, conveniently located in Winston Salem. Cars that already have several thousand miles and years of use should see more attention, and if you drive an older Nissan Altima, Rogue or Maxima, you'll love having the brand-certified techs on hand to take care of your oil changes and inspections and more.

See more of this excellent used selection by visiting Modern Nissan of Winston Salem today and we'll find you the right fit.

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